Non-obligatory Discussion

A non-obligatory discussion in our office is required, in order to better understand the needs of our clients as well as to allow our panel of talented & experienced designers address any concerns that our clients may have.
Come sit down with us, have a cup of coffee.

Budget Planning & Design

Our team will conceptualize what was discussed and prepare a detailed proposal for a second discussion.
This is necessary as to ensure that all clients understand the design concept and not have any misunderstandings.
Sending a quote over is not the best way to proceed.
As always, coffee is on us.

Signing on the dotted line

We will go through the contract in detail, together in our office only when our clients are the most comfortable with us.
Transparency is guaranteed.
Coffee will be served.

Project Manage

Sit back & relax while the project is run by our talents.
More coffee meanwhile perhaps?


about our company

Unique individuals with a passion for creativity & business — what makes us happy, makes our clients happy.
At Exostyleton, we’re obsessed with it.

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